From 0 to 5,000 Readers in 6 Months

Develop a proper strategy to growing your audience and see results in a matter of weeks.
Welcome to From 0 to 5,000 Readers in 6 Months
Why 5,000 Readers? Why 6 Months?
How to Draw an Owl: A Cautionary Tale
Blog Evaluation.pdf
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5 mins
1. Strategy
1.1 How to Create an Effective Strategy
1.2 The Map Is Not the Territory
1.3 Understanding the Feedback
[Download] How to Do a SWOT Analysis of Your Blog
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1.4 The Strategy I Use to Grow a Blog From 0 to 5,000 Readers in 6 Months
1.5 Key Takeaways
[Download] Strategy Guidebook
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6 mins
2. Branding
2.1 Your Blog's Personality
2.1.1 The 12 Archetypes
2.1.2 How to Figure Out Your Blog's Archetype
2.1.3 The 80/20 Rule of Blog Personality
2.2 Mission and Vision
2.3 The Simple Path to a Great Logo and Tagline for Your Blog
2.4 Blog Name
2.4.1 Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Blog
2.4.2 A Step-by-Step Guide to Figuring out Your Blog's Name
2.5 The Domain Name
2.5.1 Choosing the Right Domain Name
2.5.2 Clever Domain Name Examples
2.5.3 What To Do if the Domain Name You Want Is Already Taken
2.6 The About Page
2.6.1 A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Perfect About Page
2.6.2 Best Practices for Writing an About Page
[Download] Branding Quick Guide
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26 mins
3. The Ideal Reader
3.1 Figure Out Your Ideal Reader
3.1.1 Enthusiast versus Passionate
3.2 Find Your Ideal Reader
3.3 The Ideal Reader Funnel
3.4 Blend and Refine
3.5 Use Social Media Insights to Refine Your Ideal Reader's Demographics
3.6 Process Flow
3.7 Connect the Dots
[Download] The Ideal Reader Canvas
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The Ideal Reader- Summary.mp3
11 mins
4. Content
4.1 Content Map
4.1.1 Direction and Intention
4.2 Content Strategy
4.2.1 The 7 Essential Steps to Developing a Great Content Strategy
4.2.2 Content Strategy Checklist
4.3 The Pillars
4.4 The Bribe
4.5 The Call to Action
4.6 Content Creation: Quick Tips
4.7 Content Calendar
13 mins
5. RX: The Reader Experience
5.1 Optimizing Images For The Web
5.2 Building a Community
The Reader Experience-Summary.mp3
5 mins
6. A Game of Social Proof
6.1 Displaying Social Proof on Your Blog
6.2 Social Proof for Beginners
6.3 Content Strategy and Social Proof
7. The Obvious Strategy
7.1 How NOT to Comment on Other Blogs
7.2 How to Comment on Other Blogs
7.3 A Commenting Strategy
7.4 The #1 Trick
8. Social Media Marketing
8.1 Content is King, Distribution is Queen
8.2 Understanding the Difference Between Presence and Audience
8.3 An Effective Process Flow for Social Media
9. Email Marketing
9.1 The Basics of Email Marketing
9.2 Two Simple Steps to Growing Your Email List
9.3 Radically Grow Your List with Referrals
10. Building, Nurturing, and Leveraging Relationships
Leveraging Your Competition
Email Outreach for Bloggers.pdf
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11. Developing a Strategy
A Multi-Channel Approach
21 Other Ways to Grow Your Audience
1. Experiment With Ads
2. Use an Email Signature
3. Use Quora To Attract New Readers
4. Host Webinars
5. Make Sharing Your Blog Content Easy
6. Quuu Promote
7. Curate by Missinglettr
8. "Sell" a Free Online Course
9. Use Buzzstream
10. Survey Your Readers
11. Ask Your Readers Questions
12. Reciprocal Sharing Sites
13. Promote Your Content on Bookmarking Sites
14. Turn Your Article into a Slideshow and Share it on Slideshare
15. Personalization with Right Message
16. Submit Your Article to Content Aggregators
17. Promote Your Blog on Blogsy
19. Republish Your Content on Medium
20. Host a Giveaway
21. Build an Actual Community