Blogging 101: Crash Course

This introductory course is a great place to learn the basics of building and launching a blog. 

These lessons will give you an overview of blogging, the basic structure of a blog, and the best process for writing articles on the web. 
Welcome to Blogging 101: Crash Course
Getting Started
What Do You Blog About?
The Real ABC of Blogging
The 3 Most Common Mistakes of a Beginner Blogger
The Ultimate Blogging Checklist
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Blog Structure 101
The Header
The Main Body
The Footer
The Elements of a Blog Post
The Headline
The Featured Image
The Introduction
The Body
The Subheads
Images and Graphics
Charts and Graphs
The Conclusion
The Stages of Writing a Blog Post
Writing the First Draft
Editing the Article
Rewrite the Opening
Add Images and Graphics
Add Tags and Categories
Publish, Share, and Promote
The Stages of Writing a Blog Post: Quick Guide
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Tips, Tricks, and Frameworks
Mindset: A "Mad Man's" Guide to Writing Articles
10 Rules to Help You Punch Those Damn Keys
How to Be a Better Blogger -- The Four Steps, 15 Minutes Routine
Mindset: One Crazy Trick
How to Write Blog Posts that Your Readers Will Love
Mindset: 30 Tips for The Modern Blogger
How to Edit Your Blog Posts like a Boss
How to Get People to Read Every Single Word You Write
Frequently Asked Questions
The Basics of Bullet Points
Why You Should Use Quotes in Your Blog Posts
Networking and Promoting a Blog
Networking for the Novice Blogger
Why Do People Subscribe to Your Blog?
The Best Ways To Gain Followers For Your Blog
How to Connect With Your Readers
How to Stand Out from the Crowd
A Few Words about Guest Blogging
What’s The Deal With Your Post Going Viral?
5 Quick Tips for Building an Online Community
Making Money Blogging
The Basics of Monetization
How Many Readers Do You Actually Need To Make Money From Your Blog?
1. Sponsored Blog Posts
2. Affiliate Programs
3. Displaying Ads
4. Selling Your Own Products and Services
4a. Selling Online Courses
4b. Writing eBooks
4c. Freelancing/Mentorship/Coaching
5. Dropshipping/Private Label Products
6. Business Partnerships
What You're Actually Making Money From
How Will You Monetize Your Blog?